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Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches

Grace explained is helpful, but grace experienced changes everything.

In Dirty God, Johnnie Moore does more than explain grace. Through his powerful and personal examples he helps the reader experience grace.

He tells us that Jesus is the author of grace. But he reminds us that the Jesus of the Bible isn’t the freshly showered, manicured Jesus of popular culture. Jesus, he says, “didn’t float down to planet earth like a deflating balloon. He dropped down like an atom bomb, and his very presence was a provocation.”

Jesus got dirty, from head-to-toe, as he fulfilled his mission of making a messy world clean. He smelled of sweat and soil. He had dirt under his fingernails, and calluses on his hands.

Why? He is so kind that he didn’t expect us to try to climb up to him. He climbed down to us to bring us back to God. This book chronicles again that story, and it reminds us that grace is both gotten and given. Jesus invites you to join him in the trenches.

Book release date: January 1st, 2013

What Others Are Saying About Dirty God

Johnnie is a leader who deeply understands the depths of God’s love and lives in a graceful lifestyle of love to others. Johnnie writes an important message to the next generation about something our culture can’t fully understand: the grace of God.”

Rick Warren

Author of The Purpose Driven Life Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church

Rarely has someone been able to write on such a profound topic in such an accessible way. Johnnie is a master story teller, and in DIRTY GOD he strikes the chord of grace for a new generation. This book is one of those books that people will talk about for a long time.”

Josh McDowell

Author of More Than A Carpenter

Moore’s words strip away dusty, stale preconceptions and introduce us to a very real Savior who pursues us through the grit and grime of life and who would do anything to let you know how much He loves you.”

Karen Kingsbury

#1 New York Times Bestselling Novelist, author of The Bridge and The Chance.

I appreciate Johnnie Moore’s heart for the things of God and his desire to see believers live their lives as agents of His grace. Dirty God is essential reading for anyone interested in gaining a deeper grasp of the free, life-transforming power of grace.”

Jim Daly

President - Focus on the Family

Jesus gives grace to us and through us. This brings glory to God, good to others, and gladness to us. This book invites us to both get and give God’s grace.”

Mark Driscoll

Founding Pastor Mars Hill Church, Co-Founder Acts 29 Church Planting Network, Founder Resurgence, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

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